Yup in a nutshell

In today’s sub-Saharan Africa, financial inclusion is achieved through mobile money.

Because of factors such as lack of means, long distance or just lack of information, an important number of inhabitants of sub-Saharan countries are ‘’unbanked’’. Taking into account this low level of access to the banking system and concerned with promoting financial inclusion of the population and their access to modern transactional and financial means, the group Société Générale has developed a simple, secure and accessible to all, mobile money offer, called YUP.


YUP electronic wallet has the ambition to promote automation by giving each of its subscribers the possibility to become an entrepreneur.


YUP missions are to:

  • Make its services available to the largest number of people, so that each person can be able to achieve his ambition, whether personal or professional.
  • Move from a simple transactional service to a tool which can help you attain your objectives
  • Give every wallet holder the keys to success