The word YUP is obtained by combining the two words <<You>> and <<Up>>, YUP symbolises positivity. YUP is your development partner.

YUP is an electronic wallet which allows you to store money and make secured transactions using its mobile application on a smartphone or  its wide agents network.

Besides the classic transactional services such as deposits, transfers, withdrawals, airtime topups and bill payments, YUP also allows you to make international money transfers, bulk, merchant and online payments and grants you access to secured credit and savings no matter what network provider or which type of phone you are using.

YUP is a multiple network and a cross-network service: With YUP, you just need a unique wallet to be able to exchange with all beneficiaries no matter which network provider they use. YUP has the expertise and security of a big bank (SG Group) combined with the agility of a local network of Agents. Having a YUP wallet makes you qualified for credit requests and savings.

To become a client, you should be 18 years and above. You should have a valid ID card or passport then go to a YUP agent to sign up. (Self Enrollment?)

For a non-resident, you should be 18 years and above and have:

  • A valid WAEMU (?)ID card
  • Or a valid passport
  • Or a valid consular ID card from one of the country of WAEMU
  • Or a resident permit issued in Ghana

A YUP agent is a partner accredited by YUP who has a Service Point visible and accessible to all. At this Service Point it is possible to perform all your subscriptions and transactions.

To become a YUP agent, kindly get in touch with one of our Master Agents or a YUP local branch.